Monday 29 May 2017

The new utility room

At the beginning of the year we moved into our new home.  We knew right from the start there were projects, but it was good enough to live in so we happily unpacked. 
One such project was making the little bike store at the front of the house bigger so 'im outdoors had somewhere for all his tools.  This became a priority once we realised the floor was rotten.


So over the last 4 months 'im outdoors has ripped out everything which was in the bike store/utility room/downstairs loo - including walls and the rotten floor, and then rebuilt it to our own specifications.  We've reused as much as we could, including cutting one of the old doors down to make a slim cupboard door.  Or we've looked for deals like the old belfast sink found on Gumtree.

Ready for the ready-mix lorry to unload
 'im outdoors has worked tirelessly - working evenings and weekends with me helping where I can - the painting and tiling is all mine! And today we finally finished it.
It is so amazing to have a space like this, where washing can be done and hung to dry without getting in the way and with the little downstairs loo nicely finished so we're not embarrassed when visitors need to use it. 
And once again 'im outdoors has impressed me with his ability to do everything himself, from plumbing and electrics to laying the floor and making me cupboards.


If you visit anytime soon, don't be surprised to be invited to view the new utility room and downstairs loo - I am so chuffed!

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