Wednesday 30 January 2019

Herman The Enigmatic Bear

I fell in love with Herman about 10 years ago.  I found him on Etsy and bought the pattern before I realised that I didn't actually have the skills back then to make him.  He is knitted in the round - started on double pointed needles and then using the American magic loop technique.
I received a set of multiple sized double pointed needles for Christmas last year and I've done a few in the round projects now so I decided that this was the year to have a go.

And it was still hard - he is so small you don't have much to work with, and I missed a few rows and had to go back and I think one leg might be a bit longer than the other, so he's not perfect.  But for a first go I'm really impressed.
I didn't realise he would be so small, but I love that.  He's the sort of bear that could hide in your pocket and give you love when you need it.  'im outdoors said he's tummy button is too high but I don't care.  He could do with a few more sandwiches too.  But I've learnt tons and I'm looking forward to having another go.

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