Saturday, 23 January 2021

Basic Norwegian Star Hats


I thought it might be nice to knit everyone hats for Christmas this year (2020).  It took me ages to find a pattern that I liked, but I finally found one on Ravelry.

Then I just had to work out what colours everyone would like and get knitting.

I used Paintbox yarns in Simply Aran.  The yarn is soft and easy to use and comes in some amazing colours - really bright.

My first attempt against a proper sized hat

I didn't bother with a swatch, which meant the first hat came out massive!  So I down sized my needles and tried again.  This time the result was exactly what I was looking for so I got on with knitting the hats.

I started with one for me to make sure the pattern really worked.  I'd decided on yellow to match some gloves I wanted to make, but they had to wait until Christmas gifts were done.

A started hat and a broken needle

I then got cracking with gifts for my parents, sisters partner and 'im outdoors.  However I hit a bit of a problem when Milo stood on and broke one of my needles half way though my second hat!


Luckily the internet saved me and the new needle was with me within days, giving me time to finish another project while I waitied. 

The hats also gave me a reason to get a set of pompom makers, which are so easy to use I wish I'd bought some years ago!


The only problem left was getting presents to recipients when most of the country is locked down and we are encourage to stay home.  Royal Mail to the rescue.

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