Saturday 8 May 2021

Thuja Plicata Bonsai

As all my other projects seem to be taking an age at the moment, it's nice to have something to do that is a little more immediate, although the actual end results won't be seen for years!

Still facinated by bonsai I wanted to try my hand on another tree.  This one is a Thuja Plicata 'Little Boy', normally used as hedging plants but reduced to £2 at my local garden centre.

When I started cutting the bottom branches off I realised it has three nice strong trunks which give it great shape, once you can see them.

I pruned and potted it up, but I haven't decided about wiring it yet.  I'm not sure if it would work with this sort of leaf structure.  Still its interesting to see what sort of tree it turns into.  And I can always wire it in the future if I decide it is needed.

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