Saturday 10 September 2022

Itsy Bitsy Bear Hug

 A while ago I found this free cute tiny bear pattern and wanted to have a go at making it.

I downloaded and printed the pattern, before sticking it to some card and cutting the bits out ready.  I found some felt in my stash and cut out bear bits and heart bits.  I even started sewing them together, but then I found out that I find this sort of sewing really boring!

I'd do a couple of stitches then think of something else I needed to do, so the pattern and bits got put away.

However, I am starting to commute into the office more, so decided to take it with me to do on the train.

This worked really well.  It's small enough to fit in my bag and not get in the way while sitting next to people on the train, and because I don't have a wifi signal I can't get distracted unless I look out of the window.  

One journey into London and I had a bear that just needed stuffing.  He's really sweet.  Only 7cm tall he would fit in a pocket to take some love with you if needed.  He'd probably go through the post quite well too.

I shall have to see what else I can use my commute time for.

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