Tuesday 26 August 2008

Short Stories

So as I said below I’ve always been fascinated with books; not just the making of them but the content too. I adore reading – anyone who knows me will confirm that and I’ve always enjoyed writing my own stories.
About a year ago I did a ‘creative writing’ distance learning course with The Open University which I really enjoyed. I think they’ve got a really nice way of learning with deadlines to keep to and a huge online community. You feel very supported.
On the course I wrote and finished my first short story (I’d written stuff before but never really finished it) and this gave me the confidence to keep going.
So now I’ve joined a writers group who meet at work once a month, which I love, and I’ve been sending stories off to competitions, which I’ve found is another really good way of giving my self deadlines to work to. And I can’t wait to finish the Web Course so I can do the ‘advanced creative writing’ course.

But now I’m about to do something I’ve never done before and send a finished story to a magazine!
The story’s a bit different from what I normally write but fits in with what the mag are asking for so I thought I’d send it, plus they will at least let me know the fate of my story.
The mag is called Mslexia and is for women who write. I’ve been subscribed since Jan and think it’s brilliant. It’s so intelligent and full of interesting information and articles.
I don’t imagine for a second they will publish my story, it’s a bit dark. But you never know if you don’t try.

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