Wednesday 4 March 2009

Duotrope's Digest

As I’m sure you know I love the writers group. No just because it gives me a good push to write something at least once a month. Or because writing is a lonely thing to do, so it’s great to meet up with other writers and encourage each other. But also because you can get all sorts of helpful hints and tips and information.

At last weeks meeting our leader, Anne, gave us the details of a website which holds details of lots of publications so you can search for the perfect place to send your story or poem or novella.
It’s called Duotrope’s Digest and I’ve only had the smallest of poke abouts, but it seems pretty detailed. I think it’ll be a great place to find places to send the stories I’ve written. After all just because they didn’t win a competition doesn’t mean they are not good stories, just that they were up against better ones. I shall have to have a better look when I’ve more time.

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