Sunday 29 March 2009

A Little Concert

Have I mentioned that I play the flute?
I’m not very good, but sometimes, at lunch, I play with a guy at work called Neil who plays the piano very well.
Anyway his wife plays and teaches the cello and I was invited to play my flute in a little ‘concert’ her mature students were putting on.
I like playing the flute, it always amazes me when I make music that really sounds like music and not just a bunch of squeaks and whistles. But there is a big difference between playing by your self and playing with someone else. There is an even bigger difference between playing in my room at home where only my parents can hear me, and playing deliberately in front of people.
So yesterday I drove over to Neil’s house. I was incredibly nervous. But everyone was so nice it actually turned out to be pretty good fun. There were the four students who all play cello, although one also plays the clarinet, Neil on piano and my self. We all had a little practice with Neil first – he accompanied everyone. And somehow I’d agreed to have a go in a trio at a piece. Remember I’ve only ever played with a piano so playing with a cello and a clarinet was very scary! I soon found out though that this is brilliant as no one can hear my mistakes over a clarinet.
And then while we were waiting I got to listen to the three students and teacher play a piece. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a real life cello never mind four. Even with mistakes you could see how much they enjoyed it.
Playing in front of six really nice people, who have all made mistakes in front of you, makes it a little easier. Yes I was scared and yes I did make mistakes (I played Scarborough Fair and Danny Boy) but that didn’t matter. I did it, and maybe next time it will be a little easier.
They all agreed that I should find some people to play with, and maybe I should. I’m a tad busy right now, me and ‘im outdoors are look for a house/flat, but maybe when we’ve found somewhere I should look into it.

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