Monday 27 July 2009

Turquoise Beads

Yay! My computer seems to be fixed – after quite a bit of messing about. I love my computer; there are so many things that I use it for. But I wish it wouldn’t have silly fits.

Anyway what I wanted to tell you about was the Gem and Bead show that was in Farnham like 2 weeks ago! There was so much there that I wanted but I managed to keep it to just a few beads and some bits and bobs to play with. I’ve still got the beautiful beads that I bought on etsy to work out how to string together.
In the mean time I’ve made myself a bracelet. Very simple, but I thought the beads were wonderful, such a lovely colour and a great weight.

The study creeps closer to being finished every day so I should be back to making stuff very soon. Helps I’ve got some holiday booked.

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