Thursday 3 September 2009

A363 Advanced Creative Writing

Yesterday when I got home there was a brown cardboard box waiting at the top of our stairs for me. You know the thing – the sort of carton that Amazon send their books out in. Only this one had ‘Urgent course materials’ written in large letters on one side and ‘The Open University’ written on the other.

Yep, that’s right; my books have arrived for A363 Advanced Creative Writing.
I am scared and excited in equal measures.
Just flicking through the thick text book is exciting, seeing all these new things I hope to learn. But looking at the study calendar is very scary. This is an A3 sheet with the section of the book you should be reading, any audio or DVD sections you should be listening/watching against the date, with each TMA (tutor marked assignment) marked nicely on the right so its easy to see all your deadlines. It’s the section of independent study over Easter next year that really scares me!
So there I am. All set for October 10th when this all kicks off. All I need now is my tutor’s details and the name of my online forum and I can get started.
I just wish I’d found more time for writing over the summer…


Alistair Hughes said...

Hi Penny. Same here. I finished A215 last year and also found a -somewhat sodden from the rain in my case- brown parcel on my doorstep, inducting me into the depths of A363. Can't wait to get started so wrote a couple of comedy sketches last night to practice my scripting skills. I hadn't looked at the calendar before, so am now quite worred about Easter also, mainly as I am away for 3 weeks with the family then! Good luck.


Wild Creations said...

Thanks very much Alistair!
And good work with your practice - I'd love to write comedy, but I think I'm better at listening to others than creating my own!

Good luck