Sunday 12 April 2015

A pretty little Coco dress

I love the idea of making my own cloths, so often what I find in the shops isn't quite what I want. So when I came across the Tilly and the Buttons blog I was quite excited, but not as much as when I found her Coco dress!  I fell in love straight away and bought the pattern. 
But this left me with a problem.  I didn't have a sewing machine.  I normally borrowed my Mum's, but it died while I was making my knitting needle wrap.  Dad lent me one to finish it with, but needed it back.  Time to treat myself then.  Welcome to my new Singer Talent.  Its a lovely little machine and we get on very well.

The dress took about 2 days to make once I had everything I needed to start.  The material came from the local haberdashery while the buttons came from Textile Garden, I could spend hours on their site looking at their buttons!  Tilly has all the instructions you need on her site, so it was like having my very own personal tutor talking me though how to do everything.  Perfect.

And there you have it - my first handmade dress. 

I have to say it doesn't look much until you put it on, but once on it feels and looks great.  I can't wait to wear it to work next week, and yes there will be a little bit of pride when I'm asked where I got it from and I can say I made it myself.
If I can find the right material I already have plans for the next one...

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