Sunday 18 November 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 7

This week I made a Layered Espresso Walnut Loaf and Angel Mint Cakes.  'im outdoors doesn't really like nuts so the espresso loaf is without walnuts, but I have to say it is still very nice.  I am less sure about the mint cakes.  I can deal with mint chocolates but other types of mint 'things' are just a bit weird.

I'm also not sure how the mint cakes will hold out.  They already feel a little soft! 
But I was very impressed with how well the loaf rose.  So much so the top caught a little!  Nothing a little icing can't hide. 

Layered Espresso Walnut Loaf: This was pretty good.  'im outdoors said it was in his top three.  Lasted the week well.

Angel Mint Cakes: Dreadful. Mint cake is weird anyway but by day 2 it was gone slimy. 

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