Sunday 25 November 2018

Georgous Cakes - part 8

This week I made some Coconut Cubes and a Chocolate Sensation.  I've made something similar to the Coconut Cubes before although not out of this book.  They came out well and taste real good.  I have to admit mine are more coconut slices than cubes - if I cut them that small 'im outdoors would just eat 2 of them anyway.

The Chocolate Sensation started off very similar to the bonfire cake, but without the red colouring and with a different filling and topping.  'im outdoors said it was the least chocolate chocolate cakes he's ever had, but apparently it's still ok (I haven't had a chance to try it yet).

Next week I'll be starting the section 'Festive Baking' although it is skipping ahead a bit.

Coconut Cubes: These get a big thumbs up and a 'Please make again' from 'im outdoors.  Tasty and light and lasted the week very well.

Chocolate Sensation:  I think this grew on him.  Its not his favorite chocolate cake but he said it was quite nice.  I think the outside icing was pretty strong flavor wise.  Better when eaten at room temperature (rather than straight out of the fridge)

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