Thursday 27 December 2018

Crochet Christmas Angels

You know how it is, Christmas is nearly here and you accidentally see a cute crochet angel pattern which you know would go down really well with your mum and mother-in-law and so end up crocheting angels when you should have been doing other stuff!
In the end I made 4 of Priscilla's Crochet Granny Square Angels and they came out really well. They were very simple to make except the crochet arms and halos which I needed some help with from my mate Lou - once she'd pointed me in the right direction it was easy.
I hung them on our tree while I waited to give them - I didn't know how else to keep them safe - they are happiest hanging.
And I think they went down well too - my sister even hung her's straight on her tree although it didn't match the other ornaments! Happy Christmas!

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