Wednesday 27 February 2019

Frankie Baseball T-Shirt

Last Christmas I received Tilly and the Buttons book Stretch!  It's full of lots of lovely sewing patterns and I spent ages looking through it trying to work out what to make.  So for my first attempt I made a pretty simple t-shirt.
I found and fell in love with the material at one of my local material shops and with a day off already in the diary I happily spent the day getting reacquainted with my sewing machine.   

I made sure to take my time with my prep so I had everything I needed ready.  Then followed the lovely detailed instructions in the book.  That's what I really love about Tilly's patterns, she gives you all the help you need, without making you feel stupid.

And I'm so happy with how its come out.  If I'm honest the neckline is a little higher than I would normally wear it, so I'm going to have a play with the pattern and see if I can amend it a bit.  I've already got some fabric ready for that t-shirt that's a bit more work wearable.  But I'm still wearing it right now and its really comfortable.
I'm really looking forward to making lots of the projects in the book, not only will it expand my skills but also my wardrobe!

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