Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Sky Blanket - February


And so the Sky Blanket continues.

Each square takes about 30 minutes to knit and then sew to the last one.  By sewing them as I go I hope to have far less sewing up to do at the end as it is my least favourate thing to do. 

The last 3 days have been gorgeous
I've sewn a button to the first square to help me remember where I started and hopefully put every square in the right place.  I've also got a spreadsheet with each square marked.  As I complete a square I colour it in and then bold the lines between squares to show they have been stitched together. 


Although I do look at the sky at lunchtime, I do find myself influences by what it does during the rest of the day. For instance in February we've had 2 rainbows!  I really wanted to include them in my squares, but rainbows don't tend to happen at midday - they happen when the sun's rays are at a lower angle, but I've included them anyway.


So far I'm managing to keep up, mostly due to the fact we are still in lockdown and I have nowhere else to be.  I hope I can keep it up once we come out of lockdown and life starts up again.

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