Sunday 7 November 2021

Freshwater Silver Pearl Necklace


A couple of weeks ago I went to The Big Bead Show at Sandown Racecourse.  I've had it on my wish list for ages, but of course everything got cancelled for the last 18 months.  It was my first inside event, but it was good.  Lots of space, not too many people and lots of lovely beads.


I was particually looking for beads and findings for my kumihimo projects, but then I found these freshwater pearls and fell in love.  They reminded me of a necklace one of my old colleagues wore and wondered if I'd be able to create something similar for myself.


There were so many things to look at and I bought many more things than just the pearls.  I must say thank you to Sarah Downton who had beautful handmade glass beads on display.  She answered my question on how she made her necklaces and what materials she used.

I was then able to use her advice to create my own pearl necklace. I'm so pleased with it.  It's lovely and light weight, so very easy to wear, but I also adore the colours of the pearls, sometime silver, sometimes blue, sometimes pink.

When we finally start going back into the office, I think this will be a lovely addition to some of my outfits.

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