Sunday, 27 February 2022

Chunky Snowflake Cardigan


I hate Christmas jumpers.  There I've said it.

I dislike how ugly they are and how they don't go with any of my other clothes.  I hate that they only get worn for maybe 2 days a year and then are likely to be chucked out.  The whole thing just seems wrong to me.

Every year I tell myself I will knit myself a nice Christmas jumper.  But I always leave it too long and then I can't find a pattern I like and then it's too late.

So this year I decided to get it done as my first real project of the year.  I found this pretty cardigan design and used Paintbox Yarns Simple Aran, in a mixture of cream and light and dark green.  (I thought it was green and blue when I first saw the pattern!)

It's knitted from the bottom up which I found a little weird - most projects I've done like this have been from the neck down.  It did mean I couldn't try it on to check it was a good length, I had the same problem with the arms.  I kinda feel like I lucked out on both as I think the fit is good.

I also believe all cardigan's should have pockets so I added a couple using the pattern from a cardigan I knitted a couple of years ago (and has spent the last 2 years locked in my locker at work!) I'm very pleased with how they came out, although a little high to walk around with your hands in them.


And what I really like, is that it is a pretty cardigan which will sit nicely over jeans/trousers or a dress and I can wear for the whole month of December if I want to.  No need to feel embarrassed this year on Christmas Jumper Day!  Roll on December.

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