Wednesday 16 February 2022

Needle Felted Dogs

 Just before Christmas I attended a virtual workshop on how to make these tiny needle felted dogs.  The workshop was run by The Makerss for the Dog Trust, so half the fee went to the Dog Trust and half for the kit which had everything I needed to make a little dog.


I've only done a little bit of needle felting before and wasn't that happy with my end creation, but these little pups were too cute not to have another go at it!


And they really are quite simple to make.  I've found it takes about an hour (and they are pretty good for those meetings where you just have to listen - nothing to look at and no comments expected.)


The workshop itself was run over Facebook and our lovely host ran through everything nice and slowly so we could all try it as she showed us.  She also showed us different examples, for instance if we want floppy ears or pricked ears.


I very much enjoyed the workshop and the little dog I made, and now I find myself making more of them to see what the next one will look like.  I haven't quite decided what to with them next though...

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