Thursday 21 April 2022

Small Wooden Box

 I now have a lovely collection of handmade glass beads, but nowhere to put them.  They've been sitting in an old ice cream tub on my desk, but that doesn't seem very approprate (and is quite easy to knock over), so I asked 'im outdoors if he could make me a box for them.


We had a chat about the rough size and design and then I left him to it.  This week he presented me with a small wooden box, which just needed to be lined to finish it off.


I had some navy velvet material in my stash which was perfect.  I used thin card to wrap the material round for the side panels and some foam to fill the lid space.

It's come out so well and it's a lovely space to store my special beads.  I feel they will be safe in there (and there is room for more...).

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