Sunday, 10 April 2022

Braided Bead Bracelet

 Every time I show my beads to people, they say something along the lines of 'nice, what are you going to do with them?' as if having them in a pot on my desk to fiddle with when I'm thinking or in meetings isn't enough.


So I decided to try out an idea for a braided bead bracelet.  This is just a proof of concept, my glue had gone off so I couldn't finish it properly, so it'll probably come undone if I was to wear it much.

I started by making a kumihimo braid with a button at the start.  My first attempt didn't work as my thread was too fine, but this one worked ok and was a lovely match to my bead.  It's also the right size for the bead hole.


I made it about an inch longer than I wanted then made the loop.  As I said I didn't have any glue so used some nail varnish just to hold it together.


It's actually really comfortable to wear, although the bead does insist on being on the wrong side of my wrist (darn gravity!)  It needs a bit of work, but the concept is sound which is cool. I think it would work nicely with smaller beads, either just one or maybe a group - different colours in a set or a rainbow maybe?  Something to think about for the future.

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