Sunday, 17 July 2022

Slow Way - Petlip


So following the success of my first Slow Way run, I immediantely started planning my next.  Of course I hadn't planned on there being a heat wave, but the rest of my planning seemed to work out well.

Again I got a lift from 'im outdoors.  A bit earlier than last time to try and be back home before it got too hot.  It was another route that I'd run bits of before and so I knew a good chunk of it would be shaded.  So with the route on my phone and a litre of water in my pack off I went.


Annoyingly I went wrong within the first couple of miles, when I missed the bridge over the river as I was distracted by cows!  Once I was back on the correct path the rest of it went very well.

It started across fields, before going uphill and into the woods.  I was sad to leave the dence shade of the pine woods - lovely and cool.  The deciduous woods were still shady, but not as cool as the pine.

A short piece along the B2070 then I deviated along the quiet back roads rather than use the verge of the fast road.  The common was nicely wooded, I'd been worried it might be open and sunny.  Back across the B2070 and onto the West Sussex Boarder path, although you'd not know it as I didn't see any signs.  Cutting through the golf course I knew I was nearly there.


I ended my run at Sainsburys and was very dissapointed to find that I'd timed my run very badly.  They hadn't opened yet and so there was no chance of buying the ice lolly I've been dreaming of as I ran. 

'im outdoor came to pick me up and I was glad to come home and sit in the cool of the house. 

I'm pleased with this run.  I've been practicing the distance so it didn't feel as hard as the first, even in the heat.  And again it was very quiet, I only saw a couple of dog walkers.  I imagine it could be pretty muddy it it had been wet, but in the middle of a heat wave it was fine.


In places it was very uneven underfoot and I nearly fell at least once and jarred my ankles many times, but following the sunken lanes or holloways was interesting, thinking of all those who have used them before me.

A good run, and I'm already planning my next Slow Way run.

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