Monday 29 September 2008

And now for the weather…

Haven’t we just had the most gorgeous weather this month – nearly making up for the summer, which really could have tried harder.
The above is my attempt at capturing the weather when we were in Scotland a couple of years ago. But you can see much better attempts on the BBC weather pages.
The pages are up dated once a week and they have some pretty special shots which members of the public send in.
The photos are from all round the world so you can see snow in Scotland next to a water spout in the Pacific, although they do try to theme them.
As an English girl with a landscaping partner the weather is something very close to my heart and I love to see examples of weather that I don’t get to experience; for example sunshine.
This page make me want to rush outside with my camera (when I get a new one) and take photos of clouds or snow or rain…

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