Tuesday 30 September 2008

The wonders of Photoshop

When I was at Art College a few years ago now, I took extra lessons in how to use Photoshop. But then I went to Landscaping College and learnt how to lay paving instead and forgot it all.
Now that I’ve renewed my interest in photography and as it would be a very useful programme to use with my Web course, I’ve decided to go on a refresher course.

So off I went to Southhill Park again last night for the first in an 8 part course, which should cover all the tools and things I need to know.
The tutor, Kate Legg, was very enthusiastic and told us that we were here to play, as that’s the only way to learn with a programme like this. We started with the very basics and I couldn’t believe how much I’ve forgotten.
I can’t wait for next weeks lesson. I’ve already got a couple of projects in mind and can’t wait to know enough to be able to do something with them.
Watch this space.

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