Sunday 7 September 2008

My First A5 Book

I’ve made my very first A5 book. I used one of the wall papers which had a huge red flower on - much too big for an A6 book. And I’m really pleased with it.
Sewing the signatures together was more tricksy than with the little A6 books, but a few paperclips soon sorted that out. And the sugar paper I used for the end papers matches so well, I can’t believe they were just scraps I had.
I love it. Its as close to perfect as any of them have got so far.

Comparing the A6 and A5 books I think although the A6 books are easier to make – I can hold them in one hand without fear of the stitching being too loose, I do really like the size and feel of the finished A5 book. I look forward to making more. I wonder what an A4 book would be like?

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