Saturday 10 July 2021

A New Running Hat

 When I first started running, years ago now, I wasn't sure how long I'd be doing it.  And as I didn't feel like a proper running I wasn't going to waste too much money buying proper running stuff.  So when it started getting cold and I realised I'd need a hat and some gloves for those early morning runs, I just got a cheap £10 set from Sainsburys when I did the weekly shop one week.

They were plain grey and did the job.  I could run in them all week then stick them in the wash with the rest of my running kit, no problems.  

But a couple of years ago the hat started to get a bit thread bare.  I'm a bit sad about that.  It was a good hat.  But I considered myself a runner now so how hard could it be to replace it?


Apparently pretty hard.  I don't know who designs them, but they don't seem to understand the concept of running and the fact it makes me sweat.  After a week of running that hat needs a wash, and yet all the hats I've bought so far have shrunk in the wash! 

So I knitted myself one.  I can't say if it will shrink yet, but it's machine washable yarn so I think it'll be ok.  Of course it's a bit warm for a hat right now, and I'm off running for a bit with a foot injury, but I'm sure I'll find out once it gets cold again.

Rather than keep it plain grey I added a little bit of detail with a yellow stripe.  I like it.  I might try some other colours next.

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