Saturday, 8 January 2022

Easy Crochet Cardigan

 So I saw this free pattern ages ago and wanted to have a go.  It looked so straight forward but kinda cool.  So I made it this Christmas for my mum, using a really dark purple chunky wool.

But I really should know by now that free patterns never have enough detail in them to do a good job.  For instance this is a crochet pattern but it didn't say if it was using UK or US terms.

Also the sizing - hooks and wool were pretty vague.  It would have been more helpful to know what the end material should be like.  In the end I had to buy more wool than expected and it was very thick, which means it doesn't have quite the drap I was hopping for.  In reality I should have used a bigger hook size (then I probably wouldn't have needed more wool), but there was no guidance on sizing other than the final size to make the cardigan.  


So I gifted it as a cardigan, but with instructions to cut the sleeves if it didn't fit or feel good and turn it into a blanket, something I think it would do really nicely.  (this is what she ended up doing.)

I do really like the texture of the material.  By crocheting into the back of the stitch rather than the front as I would normally, I've ended up with this sort of ribbing which is a nice detail.

It took ages to make.  I think I need to be more discerning about the projects I take on.  I really don't have time to spend on things like this - there are so many possibilies out there, of course there will always be things that don't go to plan - that's how we learn.  But maybe stick to more trusted sources in the future. 

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