Saturday 1 January 2022

The Sky Blanket - December


After a year of knitting, the sky blanket is finally finished!

To keep it's shape I finished the squares on 26th December, then spent the last couple of days giving the blanket a crochet boarder.  This helped me tidy up a little bit of left over wool and make the blanket look a bit more finished.


I can't believe it's finished.  It's been one of my longest projects I think.  I'm pleased to have completed it and within the year too, but I'm also glad it is finally finished.  What a year!

  • 360 squares
  • 154cm wide by 170cm long (apparently thats 2.61m2)
  • 5 rainbows
  • Weighs 5lbs
  • 19 balls of wool 
  • 1 year

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