Tuesday, 28 June 2022



Following the success of the last work Away Day in November, this week we had a Summer Away Day.  I'm still a member of the People Forum and so got roped into helping with all sorts of activities, including running a plank challenge!


However, my favourate activitie was the bake off, or more making the rosettes for the bake off winners. 

I found a very helpful online tutorial on how to make paper rosettes which I followed.  Although I did have to modify the design a little as the end size of the rosette in the tutorial was 6 inches across!  Which is massive and way too big for what I wanted.


After a bit of experimentation I manage to make a smaller sized rosette - more like 4 inches across, which was perfect.  A bit of paper folding and some work with my glue gun later and I had four perfect rosettes.


They even made the trip to London without any major incident and everyone loved them.  Even my department director commented on them! 


For something so simple I will definitely keep them in mind for any more award type things I might end up involved in.

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