Friday 9 August 2013

Life's little challenges

I've been rather quiet over the last month.  
A wedding to organise, a new computer to purchase and get used to and finally something even more life changing to get our heads round; 'im outdoors has been diagnosed as a coeliac.  This means he can't eat any forms of gluten and requires a huge change to our diets.  
No bread, cake, pastry, sausages, pasta or OXO cubes for us.  Of course there are gluten free versions of these and many foods, but now before anything can be eaten we must be sure of its content, which at home is easy with a little concentration, but more difficult out and about.
So now that these three things have all been worked on, venues nearly booked, computer very happily working, and kitchen cleared out and new gluten free products in their place I can start to think about other things, the most exciting of which starts on Monday.
Papermaking for artists and designers at Central Saint Martins starts on Monday and although I have the usual nerves about being able to find the place and have I got everything I'll need, I'm really exciting about learning a new skill, something I've been wanting to try for a very long time.  Fingers crossed that next week will be a relaxing change from the rest of life's challenges.

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