Tuesday 13 August 2013

Papernaking - day 2

Cotton with bits of postage stamp
Day 2 of the Papermaking for artists course and wow my feet hurt now.  Not only am I walking to and from the college every day but we are also on our feet all day and it starts to take its toll when you are used to sitting at a desk all day.  
But who cares when I am creating my own paper!  Above are my new favourite items - a round mould and deckle which makes round paper.  I probably hogged this more than I should have today and 'im outdoors is going to have an order for one and several different sizes of normal rectangular mould and deckle when this is over.  I am in love.
It probably helps that along with a really great tutor we've got a lovely group of 8 who are happy to share materials and help each other out as we go along.  Of course working in a group of any sizes does mean that sometimes the pulp gets contaminated, but as we are learning and playing its not a big deal.
Not only did we make round paper but we also played with pigments too, making coloured paper with little hints of other colours in.  I can't wait to see the dried papers tomorrow.
The other thing I leant today is the need to use hand cream.  Spending all day with your hands in water really drys them out.
Now I am boiling onion skins that I have been collecting for the past month ready for tomorrow.  I wonder what onion skin paper looks like?  Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

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