Thursday 2 March 2023

Mindful Making Kit


 Last November I got asked to help with the team away day.  As a thank you for the work I put in, instead of chocolates or a bottle of wine, I was given a Mindful Making Kit.  (someone knows me well!)

So this year I have been putting it to use.


It's very simple, including 2 balls of wool, a pair of knitting needles and some instructions.  The instructions suggest using one ball of wool at a time to create a scaf of two colours, but I like stripes, so I switched every 4th row instead.

I love the colours and think they sit so well together.  And it used a lovely chunky wool, so knitted up quite quickly.  And I think there are still plenty of cold days to come to make good use of it.


Was I mindful while knitting?  I'm not sure, but I do find knitting to be very soothing, letting my mind wander and letting the stress fall away so maybe it was.

It was a nice project, and lovely to know I work in a team who would bother to get a gift that was personal to me.

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