Sunday 5 March 2023

Serpent Trail - Part 3

The only sort of Serpent I'm likely to see

 This weeks run was much better than last weeks.  Less mud, less hills and less getting lost.

I was running from Petworth to Midhurst.  If I was to drive it like a normal sane person it would be about 6.5 miles and take about 12 minutes (even running this distance would only take just over an hour).  Instead I ran the next part of the Serpent Trail which covered 20 miles and took about 4 hours 30 minutes.

It was a cold grey, uninspiring kinda day, but that didn't make it any less good as a run.  I imagine when I'm running my race in a heat wave in July, I'll be thinking back to these long cold runs, where I never remove my gloves and my water stays cold, with wistful nostalgia. 

I've got a grumpy knee at the moment, so used a knee support which can be kinda uncomfortable in its own way but better than my knee imploading.

A different style way marker - maybe a replacement for a missing one?

And there was one delibeate detour where I found the path flooded and decided I had no intention of getting wet feet this run.

There was also a lot of gorse.  Running gear is no defence against gorse.

The signage was better on this section except for Tripp Hill were it disappeared completely and a few points with new sign postes without badges attached yet, where a quick check of the map sorted me out.  I was far less trusting this week!

So that's the Serpent Trail nearly finished.  Just one more, shortish run next week should complete it and I'll have to decide where to go next. 


You can read what happened in part 4 here.

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